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Virginia tattoo day 6 - 21st Apr 2018

Virginia tattoo day 6 Our first and only night in Washington DC was finally a sleep in for most of us as the plan for going to museums was delayed with them not opening till 10am. The spy museum however opened at 9am and a small group decided to venture out earlier than others. Most of us met up outside the American National History Museum at 10am and spent around an hour exploring inside. We then split into three groups with each group taking on different museums. The Smithsonian museums that we could choose from were the National Air and Space museum, the National Gallery of Art, the National Portrait gallery and the American Art Museum. They were generally all rushed visits as everyone had to be back at the hotel by 1.00pm in time to catch our bus. Some people and parents decided to miss out completely on museums and instead explore more of the city and shop. 
We then had a 4 and a half hour bus ride to our final destination Norfolk Virginia! We stopped halfway at a gas station at the 2 and a half hour mark for a bathroom stop and some food for those who missed out earlier. The food purchased was very American and sugary (but extremely delicious). The second half of the journey consisted of some more loud games of heads up and lots of singing. After arriving at 6.30pm we quickly dropped our bags in our rooms and headed over for some dinner at Shoreline Grill. Although there was not a large variety of choices, the food was still very yum. After a quick debrief we went back to our rooms to organise, unpack and have an early night for the first full day of rehearsal tomorrow. 
Kate and Sammi


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