The New Zealand Academy of Highland and National Dancing News Feed The New Zealand Academy of Highland and National Dancing Southland Teachers & Judges Exam Workshop Southland Teachers &amp; Judges are holding an Exam workshop 7/8 April in Invercargill. Tutor Mrs Danitta Findlay<br /> See downloads for registration form and further information1515927600 Teachers & Judges Exam Workshop ACADEMY TECHNICAL TRAINING COURSES 2018 TECHNICAL TRAINING COURSE STEP DANCE SYLLABUS 2018&nbsp; <p>The ATTC is an in depth study of the NZAHND ( Inc) Highland and Step Dance syllabuses, conducted in two parts, over two weekends.<br /> Each part of the Course&nbsp; will be facilitated by 2 members of the Technical Committee.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> The aim of the Course is to give participants greater understanding and knowledge of syllabus requirements by looking at the finer points of exercises, foundation movements, steps and dances as well as musical requirements.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Participants are encouraged to be physically fit, though they do not necessarily have to dance.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Completion of part or all of the ATTC will be a requirement for Levels 2 and 3 of the Academy Progression Scheme.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> 14/15 April, Auckland - Step Dance Syllabus<br /> 04/05 August, Christchurch - Highland Syllabus<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Cost $250 for each weekend. Applications&nbsp; for the April course close on 31 January to the Secretary: <a href=""></a> with a non refundable deposit of $125 with the balance payable by 28 February 2018. For the August Course, non refundable deposit of $125 due by 30 June 2018 with balance due 1 August.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;</p>1515322800 TECHNICAL TRAINING COURSES 2018 the second year in a row, New Zealand dancers have featured prominently at the International Gathering of Scottish Highland Dance at Disneyland Paris<br /> &nbsp;<br /> In 2016 dancers from Danitta Findlay&rsquo;s School of Dance, Christchurch took part in both the ChoreoMagic Challenge and dancing competitions.&nbsp; They were very successful in both competitions.&nbsp; And, now in 2017 Julie Hawke&rsquo;s School of Dance took a group of 25 dancers which included four dancers from Lynette Mitchell School of Dance, and took part in the ChoreoMagic Challenge and they were also very successful in all sections.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> All music and costumes are required to be Disney themed and performed with Highland Dancing Technique.&nbsp; Solos and Duos are 2 minute duration and Groups 4 minutes with the Overall Age Group being 5 minutes.&nbsp; Julie&rsquo;s group took part in over 15 different items &ndash; a huge undertaking and were successful in all.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> They were the overall winner of the Dancing Schools Groups which covered all ages.&nbsp; Their five minute item Moana, received excellent feedback and one person said it brought tears to their eyes.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> With this huge success over the past two years it has indeed put New Zealand on the map and the Academy.&nbsp; It is a huge undertaking to organise participation in events such as this, and we congratulate everyone who took part in both this year and last year.&nbsp; Anyone else wanting to follow in the future will be able to draw on the expertise of these dance schools.&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Congratulations.<br /> &nbsp;1513940400 Summer Fling 2018 schedule Fling 2018 schedule is available from the resources, downloads page1508151600 Fling 2018 schedule Tauranga Summer School 2018 BOP Teachers &amp; Judges will be conducting a summer school in January 2018. The tutors are Mrs Sherilyn Hall and Mrs Robyn Simmons<br /> Dates: 22 - 25 January 2018<br /> See resources/downloads for copy of schedule and entry form1508151600 Summer School 2018 Conference photos photos are now available to download from the following link<br /> <br /> <br /> <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br /> <br /> Password is Highland1507028400 photos Virginia Tattoo 2018 additional dancers required Highland Dance Company of NZ is travelling to Norfolk Virginia in April 2018 to perform at the Virgina International &nbsp;Tattoo.<br /> We require additional dancers to go with the Dance company members.<br /> Application form is available from Downloads/ Resources with applications closing 10 August.<br /> if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the secretary: <a href=""></a><br /> &nbsp;1500465600 Tattoo 2018 additional dancers required Advanced Diploma applications reminder that Advanced Diploma applications will close on 1 August for presentation at Conference in September. Application forms are available from the downloads page, then under resources.1499601600 Diploma applications Christchurch Junior Dance Group Christchurch Junior Dance Group performed at half time at the Tactix/Southern Steel&#39;s netball game1497441600 Junior Dance Group