The New Zealand Academy of Highland and National Dancing News Feed The New Zealand Academy of Highland and National Dancing 2019 Tauranga Summer School schedule Tauranga Summer School schedule is available under Resources/Downloads<br /> <br /> &nbsp;1539687600 Tauranga Summer School schedule 2019 Summer Fling Schedule Fling 2019 Schedule is availabe from the downloads section1538564400 Summer Fling Schedule Dance Company Tour Raffle results to the following winners in the Highland Dance company of NZ Tour raffle<br /> <br /> 1st prize = Renee Thompson ticket number 1747<br /> 2nd prize = Diane Copeland ticket number 475<br /> 3rd prize = Pamela Fleming ticket number 806<br /> <br /> Thank you all for your support1538391600 Company Tour Raffle results Conference photos is the link to the photos that were taken at conference by Shiobhan Smith<br /> <br /> <a href=""></a><br /> &nbsp;1537963200 photos Medal Test projects from May exams is some of the wonderful medal test projects that were done by candidates in the recent May examinations.1534248000 Test projects from May exams Conference Registrations, last day for conference registrations at the cheaper conference levy. See resources/downloads for registration form1532952000 Registrations Closing date reminders 30 June is closing date for the following: <ul> <li>September exam entries</li> <li>Solo Seal entries</li> <li>Diploma applications</li> <li>Subscriptions - to receive the discount</li> <li>Youth Representative nominations</li> <li>Executive North &amp; South Island Representatives &amp; President nominations</li> <li>Written General business for presentation at conference</li> </ul>1529582400 date reminders Life membership - Mary Gannaway Christchurch Balmoral Club is delighted to announce our newest Life Member &ndash; Mrs Mary Gannaway<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Mary has given many years of service to the club and still holds a key position within the Club.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> The flowers were presented by the Clubs President Jacqueline Jones at last Wednesdays Annual General meeting.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Congratulations Mary from us all.<br /> &nbsp;1528632000 membership - Mary Gannaway Academy Technical Training Course - Applications close 30 June 2018 TECHNICAL TRAINING COURSE HIGHLAND SYLLABUS 2018&nbsp; <p>The ATTC is an in depth study of the NZAHND ( Inc) Highland and Step Dance syllabuses, conducted in two parts, over two weekends.<br /> Each part of the Course&nbsp; will be facilitated by 2 members of the Technical Committee.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> The aim of the Course is to give participants greater understanding and knowledge of syllabus requirements by looking at the finer points of exercises, foundation movements, steps and dances as well as musical requirements.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Participants are encouraged to be physically fit, though they do not necessarily have to dance.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Completion of part or all of the ATTC will be a requirement for Levels 2 and 3 of the Academy Progression Scheme.<br /> <u><strong>DATES</strong></u>&nbsp;<br /> 04/05 August, Christchurch - Highland Syllabus<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Cost $250 . Applications&nbsp; for the August&nbsp;course close on 30&nbsp;June&nbsp;to the Secretary: <a href=""></a> with a non refundable deposit of $125 with the balance payable by 28 July 2018.&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;</p>1528113600 Technical Training Course - Applications close 30 June 2018