The New Zealand Academy of Highland and National Dancing News Feed The New Zealand Academy of Highland and National Dancing Conference - Queenstown 2021 - Cancelled Members<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Executive met last evening to discuss all aspects of our planned conference in Queenstown.&nbsp;&nbsp; This year we are again in a challenging position in that not all of the country are in the same Covid level and the changes to the Level 2 Delta has put enormous pressure on the Academy.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> We have therefore used our Pandemic Policy to assist with our decision and in particular the Risk Mitigation Section which clearly defines several factors which has enabled us to make a decision.&nbsp; (See member&#39;s area for a copy of the NZAHND Pandemic Policy.<br /> Executive have decided that the Solo Seal examination will be postponed until early March next year, and it is proposed to hold this in Christchurch.&nbsp; It was important that all candidates be treated equally and given the same opportunities to prepare for this prestigious examination.&nbsp; This could not happen when we are in two different levels of the Covid Pandemic.&nbsp; We also have no knowledge of how long these levels are likely to last.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> We considered holding the Annual General Meeting with the allowable numbers of 50 and also offer a virtual opportunity to attend.&nbsp; Executive evaluated the cost of this and have made the responsible decision to hold this year&rsquo;s Annual General Meeting entirely via Zoom.&nbsp; The conditions for this will be sent as soon as they are finalised.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> It is also our hope that we can offer some of the proposed Dance Development course to members virtually and again details of this are yet to be finalised.&nbsp; This would be provided at no cost to members as a goodwill gesture.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Executive are very aware that a number of members were to receive their Diplomas and or Service Bars, some held over from last year, and we will provide more details at a later date of some thoughts we have about presenting these.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> It is our hope, and we ask a lot, that again Queenstown is our first choice for the 2022 conference.&nbsp; Hopefully third time lucky.&nbsp; The Southland Committee have worked tirelessly towards planning to host us for the last two years and Executive would like to ask them to consider our request.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> As you know making decisions such as these is huge and not easy on anyone involved and relaying them to you all is even harder.&nbsp; This has been challenging for everyone involved and on behalf of Executive I thank you most sincerely for your understanding<br /> <br /> Members registered for conference were notified of the cancellation by email on Thursday 09 September<br /> <br /> Annetta Cowie<br /> President1631448000 - Queenstown 2021 - Cancelled Summer Fling 2022 Fling 2022 schedule<br /> See downloads for schedule<br /> <br /> Entry link<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br /> &nbsp;1630843200 Fling 2022 September exams have made the decision to cancel September exams and are offering conditional passes for all practical examinations and assessments.&nbsp; An email has been sent to all members and all teachers that had candidates entered in the September exams. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Academy secretary: <a href=""></a>1629806400 exams Summer Fling 2021 2021 Summer Fling was held in January with tutors&nbsp;Mrs Lynette Mitchell, Mrs Karen Mortensen and Mrs Mandy Gillies<br /> <br /> Scholarship Winners were:<br /> Initial -&nbsp; Ellie Pyle<br /> Preparatory -&nbsp; Kit Inglis<br /> Grade One -&nbsp; Sarah McCarthy<br /> Grade Two - Jessica Radka<br /> Grade Three - Connor Overton<br /> Grade Four - Charlize Blakely<br /> Grade Five - Gemma Lewis<br /> Elementary - Francesca Hickey<br /> Intermediate - Olivia Mavor<br /> Advanced - Jasmine Overton<br /> Katie McDonald Memorial Scholarship - Alex Glover<br /> Emily Branje Memorial Scholarship - Abby Millar<br /> Gail Dodson Scholarship - Annabel Watts<br /> &nbsp;1615892400 Fling 2021 Tauranga Summer School - January 2021 2021 Summer School was held in January with tutors: Mrs Sue Gill and and Miss Nadine Terry.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> 2021 Scholarship winners were:<br /> Under 9&nbsp; - Madeline Hansen<br /> Under 10 -&nbsp; Mary Hunt<br /> Under 12 - Grace Braun<br /> 14 &amp; under&nbsp; - Willow Price<br /> 14 &amp; Over -&nbsp; Ellie McLaughlin<br /> Local&nbsp; - Charlise Colle and Yi Chan<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;1615892400 Summer School - January 2021 Southland Exam workshop for the Southland Exam workshop to be held in Invercargill 10/11 April 2021, with Mrs Lynette Mitchell as tutor.<br /> See Downloads for information and enrolment form1610449200 Exam workshop Manawatu Teachers & Judges Judges upskilling seminar Manawatu Teachers &amp; Judges Association is holding a Judges upskilling seminar on Saturday December 12th in Palmerston North in conjunction with the Thistle Caledonian Sociaty Square day dancing competition.<br /> The seminar covers beginner judges through to experienced judges needing to upskill. Tutor Avalon Moffatt, Cost $25.<br /> See Flyer for further details1605178800 Teachers & Judges Judges upskilling seminar Tauranga Summer School - January 2021- Enrolment form is the Tauranga Summer School enrolment form1602414000 Summer School - January 2021- Enrolment form Tauranga Summer School - January 2021 poster for&nbsp; further details1599998400 Summer School - January 2021