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Virginia International Tattoo 2023 application form

Conference registration form 2022
Youth Representative nomination form
Diploma Application form

September Examinations Entry form 2022

Solo Seal Entry Form 2022

Adrienne Haberfield new teacher scholarship

Southland Exam workshop

Te Anau festival - Heart of the Highlands application form

May 2022 Exam entry form

Oamaru Judges Workshop/Upskilling

Summer Fling 2022 schedule

Diploma Application form

Solo Seal Entry form 2021

September Exams entry form 2021

Subscription form 2021

Conference 2021 Registration form

May 2021 Exam entry form

Southland Exam workshop forms

Youth Representative nomination form

Southland Teachers & Judges Exam workshop

September 2020 Examination Entry form

2020 Solo Seal Entry form

2020 Subscription form

2020 Conference Registration form

Nelson Highland Dancing Organisation Exam workshop enrolment form

2019 Membership reinstatement criteria

2019 Subscription form

2019 Solo Seal Entry Form

2019 Upskilling Criteria

Executive Nomination form

2019 Advanced theory dress questions

Conference registration form

Netherlands Tattoo application form

2019 September Examination Entry form

Southland Teachers & Judges Exam workshop

2019 May Examination Entry form

2019 Tauranga Summer School Schedule

2019 Summer Fling Schedule

Youth Representative Nomination form

Executive Nominaton form

2018 September Examinations entry form

2018 Conference Registration form

2018 Solo Seal Entry form

2018/19 Subscription form

Auckland Summer School - Exam workshop entry form

Highland dance co of NZ - South Island tour - local dancer application form

Southland Teachers & Judges Exam workshop

2018 Books/Cd Price List

2018 May exam entry form

Tauranga Summer School schedule

Summer Fling 2018 Schedule

Techncial Progression Scheme

Virginia Tattoo Additional dancer application form

Solo Seal Examination Entry form

September Exam Entry form

2017/18 Subscription form

Conference Registration form

Youth Representative nomination form

Executive council nomination form

Level One Qualified Teacher Application form

Level Two Advanced Teacher Application form

Level Three Techncial Intern Application form

2017 Kiltie Club subscription form

2017 Exam Entry Form

2017 Resource Price List


Auckland Summer School schedule & enrolment form

Dance Scholarship for new teachers application form

2016 Subscription form

2016 Exam Entry form

Hawkes Bay Exam School Enrolment form

Kiltie Club Subscription Form
NB: If you pay your subscription before 30 October you will receive the December issue free

Advanced Diploma Application Form

Solo Seal Examination Entry form

Highland Dance Company of NZ audition information and application forms
2015 North Island Tour Regional Dancer Application Form
2015 DVD Audition Requirements and Application Form

Highland Dance Company of NZ Reapplication Forms
NB: These forms are for dancers who are already in the Dance company and wish to be in the 2015/16 Dance Company and also for dancers who have been out of the Dance Company for over 12 months who wish to reapply

Dance Company North Island Tour Regional Dancer Application Form

2015 Academy Book Price List

Code of Professional Conduct

Reinstatement Criteria 2014

Member Guidelines

Irish Step Dance Examination Restructure

Irish Stage 2 Alterations

Guidelines for teachers entering candidates into Assessments and Examinations

Assessment for Membership Reinstatement

Judges Accreditation Form

Teachers Accreditation Form

Judges Upskilling Criteria
Criteria for Dancing Adjudicators upskilling

Advanced Theory Dress Questions
Advanced Examination Theory Dress Questions
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