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Virginia Tattoo day 7 - 22nd Apr 2018

Virginia Tattoo day 7

Today we all got down to business, with a good night sleep the night before and a much longer sleep in, we all met in our hotel lobby at 9:30am after filling up from our buffet breakfast. Afterwards it was all hands on starting our practise in the car park of our hotel. One of our highland numbers, “Swing of the Kilts,” was our first dance to rehearse which needed a few touch ups. Because we had been given numerous coupon cards valid at various food venues, we grabbed a bite to eat at 1:30pm to re-fuel for the rest of the long day rehearsing in the sun. We then moved onto rehearsing our opening number of the International Tattoo, “Here’s to the Hero’s” - an Anzac number - until it was up to Robyn and Julies high standard of perfection. Throughout the day we had to battle the sun and after many members of the teams faces were turning red, we decided to have a quick break to slip, slop, slap and wrap up in sunscreen and Yankees caps to proceed on with our rehearsal. With three quarters of the team wearing their Yankees caps it was easy to say we were definitely getting behind and supporting the New York Baseball team. However we weren’t complaining as the heat was a nice change compared to New York’s wintry weather. We also had a great view of Virginia Beach from the roof top car park. Because we got the dance nailed quickly we then finished up at 4:30pm. The team was then knackered so the decision was made to spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing in our hotel rooms and resting up. For dinner it was fend for yourself, which then left us with many options, some of which included going across the road to our hotel for dinner, salads and sandwiches at Tropical Smoothie, and various Italian and pizza restaurants. After dinner we had a quick team meeting in the lobby to sort out plans for the next day. From there we all headed back to our rooms for a much needed early night. 

Over and out Zoe and Jayna :)

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