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Virginia Tattoo Trip Day 3 - 23rd Apr 2012

Last night the whole company had to move rooms to the other wing of the hotel, during this process 6 peoples bags went missing. After a few hours of searching and knocking on every dancer’s door they were eventually found safely locked away in ”storage”. Two of our male members who have already been mentioned in the blog also managed to lock themselves out of their newly acquainted room, obviously a key issue.

Following a fantastic warm and sunny day yesterday, we woke up to our first day of rain. Not much fun when you are staying at a beach! Hopefully this dreadful weather will be gone by tomorrow. An early start was required for rehearsal at 9am, unlike the pipe bands who luckily didn’t have to arrive until lunch time. We rehearsed with our fellow dancers from Australia, Canada and the USA till 8pm. During this time we were lucky enough to have time to practice our NZ Company dances for the hullabaloo festival. This will allow us to have time for shopping tomorrow afternoon(we will hold Robyn and Julie to this!)

During rehearsal time we also practiced with the pipe bands. There were hundreds of pipers and drummers which was very LOUD. After a 12 hour day of non stop dancing (kind of, not really) we headed back to the hotel for a well deserved spa and eagerly await our shopping trip to Wall mart and the mall tomorrow.

Emma Denney and Sarah Robson

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