The New Zealand Academy of Highland and National Dancing

Virginia Tattoo 2014 - 15th Jan 2014

The following dancers have been selected to travel to  Norfolk, Virginia to represent the NZ Academy of Highland & National Dancing in April 2014.

Dawn Anderson – Invercargill
Aine Blackman – Tauranga
Nicole Brocklehurst – Hawkes Bay
Leah Camell – Auckland
Lisa Claridge – Palmerston North
Hannah Copeland – Invercargill
Brenna Curran – Hawkes Bay
Nicola Dunnery – Tauranga
Chelsea Ellis – Ashburton
Rochelle Emmett – Hawkes Bay
Lexi Fleming – Auckland
Tessa Hiam – Auckland
Ashleigh Isaacson – Hawkes Bay
Beth Kennedy – Gisborne
Brittany Kirk – Tauranga
Eveline Levett – Invercargill
Jordan McIvor – Christchurch
Hannah McRae – Hawkes Bay
Jessica Miller – Hawkes Bay
Dayna Murrell – Hawkes Bay
Sophie Sangster – Invercargill
Mariel Schroder – Auckland
Kelsey Smith – Blenheim
Kendyll Taylor – Oamaru
Alex Vanden Brink – Palmerston North
Holly Webster – Nelson
Jessie Williams-Emmett – Hawkes Bay
Kate Woodd – Tauranga

Chaperones - Sherilyn Hall and Cushla Piesse.

Dancers leave New Zealand on April 17th and will  have 2 days of rehearsals followed by 5 days of performances at the "Scope arena". There will also be performances at local schools.
Once they leave Norfolk the dancers will have 3 days in Anaheim before returning home on the 3rd of May.

A daily blog and photos will be published on the news page to keep up with what they are doing in Norfolk.

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