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Marlborough Dance Centre Concert - 20th Dec 2010

Marlborough Dance Centre's annual end of year production was this year an adaptation of "The Princess and the Frog". Dancers performed four shows from 3rd December to 6 December. Photos from some of the Highland items included in the show -
1. Birds in Mama Odie's Den - Grade 1 & 2 dancers
2. Dr Facilier, the evil Witch Doctor and her Shadow - danced by Sara Simmons and Danielle Pope
3. Fireflies in the Bayou - Grades 3 & 4 classes
4. Glow-Worms in the Bayou - Beginner Highland class
5. Louis the Alligator - danced by Caitlin Morris with one of the Jazz classes
6. Sailor Dolls - Level 2 class
7. & 8. Shadows - Senior dancers
9. Voodoo Masks in Dr Facilier's Emporium - Senior dancers
10. Waitresses in Tiana's Restaurant - Initial dancers

See the Photo Gallery for the photos


New Zealand Academy Performance Dance Group

As mentioned on the previous page, this is an idea which evolved from discussions at Joint Meetings and at Executive for some time. Our idea is to create opportunities for our senior New Zealand Academy dancers to perform in a non-competitive environment for the purpose of promoting highland dancing and quality dance entertainment. Develop a repertoire of items which are innovative and inspiring both for the dancers and the viewing audiences which can be put together at short notice when opportunities arise.

At our July Meeting, Executive agreed that we invite Mrs Julie Hawke, Technical Reserve, to prepare a proposal to be available for presentation at the November Executive meeting on the establishment of an Academy Dance Group. An excellent detailed proposal was received and discussed fully. Following a few minor modifications, Executive agreed to proceed with the concept.

In the first instance, this would be for dancers from the 14 & over age group who have passed the Grade 5 examination. This would provide our senior dancers, not necessarily the top echelon, an opportunity to keep dancing.

The intention is to have auditions in both islands to coincide with the completion of Summer Schools in Auckland and Christchurch. Applicants unable to attend an audition, will be required to forward a DVD (requirements will be listed on an Application Form which will be posted on the website mid-December). Following the auditions and receipt of DVD’s, a selection process will be completed by a panel, comprising the Performance Dance Co-ordinator, Assistant Co-ordinator and an appointed member of Academy Executive.

Initially, there will be a group of 30 dancers in the main group and those not selected within that group would then be offered a position as a member of a regional group. The Regional Groups would be formed with an approved Regional Co-ordinator and would be sent music and notes for a dance sequence.

For the main group, there will be two choreographed pieces—one a traditional Highland Dance performed in full highland dress, and the second a more contemporary piece using Academy technique. It is also our hope that we have an original piece of music which could be used– this of course is still very much in the planning stage. A time-line will be posted on the website early in the new year which will identify when and how rehearsals will be held.

This is an exciting chance for the Academy to raise its public profile throughout New Zealand. It also creates new opportunities for our current dancers and teachers and brings highland dancing to the forefront of everyone.

See Downloads Page for the application form

Adjudicators Upskilling criteria - 15th Nov 2010

See Downloads for the Adjudicators Upskilling criteria

Conference Photos - 21st Oct 2010

The 2010 Conference photos are available to view -
Costs are 6 x 4 - $5, 6 x 9 $10 plus $5 postage.
To order email the photo references to and email them your credit card details for payment.

Summer Schools 2011 - 19th Oct 2010

The dates for 2011 Summer Schools are as follows:
Auckland - 8th - 11 January 2011 - If you would like a scheducle please contact Johanna Lees -
Christchurch Summer Fling  - 20th - 23rd January 2011 - See downloads page for copy of schedule

Technical committee hard at work - 12th Oct 2010

Technical committee hard at work The Technical Committee met in Oamaru prior to Conference to finalise the Dance Development Course
See the Gallery for more photos of the workshop participants

Conference 2010 - 7th Oct 2010

See Conference Report for 2010 under the heading Conference.  It was an excellent weekend and our sincere thanks go to the North Otago Teachers and Judges for a job well done.

Thoughts are with our Christchurch Members - 24th Sep 2010

During the last few weeks our members in the Canterbury region have suffered significant stress due to the earthquakes which are ongoing.  This is a difficult time and no one can know what each person is experiencing unless they have gone through similar experiences themselves.  Executive has been in touch with our members in the region and offering support where we can.  One area we have been able to assist is to change the examination time for some of the candidates and this has been appreciated by not only the candidates, but their teachers as well. 

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