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May Exam Entries - 20th Feb 2013

Reminder that May Exam entries close 01 March. Please ensure that you post early as NZ Post is very slow at the moment.

2013 Summer Fling Christchurch - 4th Feb 2013

Scholarship Winners - Victoria Wilson (absent) The Summer Fling 2013 was held recently in Christchurch and was heralded a great success.  There were 164 enrolments - 159 dancers and 5 teacher observers. Tutors this year were Mrs Lynette Mitchell, Mrs Robyn Simmons, Mrs Sue Gill and Mrs Kim Mavor. Mrs Katherine Kaynes tutors the Junior Dance Class and Mrs Danitta Findlay took the Intermediate fun class. The Senior workshop was taken by Helen Inkster and Robyn Simmons and retired dancers - Julianna Simeonidis and Merryn Herlihy.

The fun classes for the younger dancers and the workshops for 12 & over dancers proved to be the most popular with 42 dancers in the Intermediate class anf 50 in the Senior workshop

Balmoral Club scholarships were awareded by the tutors of each examination class from Initial through to Advanced. The winners were as follows:
Initial - Catilyn Stewart - Rakaia
Preparatory - Amelia Bottin g- Christchurch
Grade 1 - Lucy Muir - Christchurch
Grade 2 - Ruby Baynes - Christchurch
Grade 3 - Victoria Stevens - Christchurch
Grade 4  - Brittney Moore - Ashburton
Grade 5 - Jordan McIvor - Christchurch
Elementary - Courtenay Henshaw - Christchurch
Intermediate - Brittany Findlay - Christchurch
Advanced - Victoria Wilson - Timaru

See the Gallery for more photos from Summer Fling 2013

Hawkes Bay Summer School 2013 - 16th Jan 2013

Hawkes Bay Summer School 2013 The Hawkes Bay Summer School was held recently and they had 3 days of temperatures ranging from 32-35 degress but all the pupils worked very hard and enjoyed their classes

Scholarship winners
 Junior Under 10 class - Isla MacFarlane, Orla Byers, Madison Basher
Senior Under 10 class - Christie Watson, Brooke Wilson
10 & under 14 class - Imogen Grayson, Emma Cavaney
14 & over class - Nicole Harvey, Jessie Williams-Emmett

See the gallery for the class photos

Marlborough Dance centre production "Oliver" 2012 - 14th Dec 2012

Marlborough Dance centre production The Marlborough Dance Centre performed "Oliver" at their end of year production

See the Gallery for more photos

2013 Highland Dance Company of New Zealand Audition requirements - 10th Dec 2012

The Highland Dance Company of New Zealand Audition requirements and application form is now available from the Downloads Page

Application and DVD closing date is 05 January 2013.

Christchurch Christmas Parade - 6th Dec 2012

Christchurch Christmas Parade On Sunday 2nd December a group of Highland Dancers participated in the Christchurch Santa Parade.
The Giant and the Toffee Apple float that they have used in previous years was “munted” in the Earthquake, however, the young dancers made the most of dancing on the Back Deck of a Mainfrieght Truck. They danced from the beginning to the end of the parade accompanied by young up and coming piper Johnathan Findlay. Many Jigs, Flings and Hornpipes were performed but the star of the parade was young Hannah Smith who waved and blew kisses from her wheelchair following the truck.

Summer Fling 2013 - 23rd Oct 2012

See Downloads for the Summer Fling 2013 schedule

2012 Conference Report - 17th Oct 2012

See the Conference page for the Nelson conference report
and the Gallery for conference photos

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