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Marlborough Dance centre production "Oliver" 2012 - 14th Dec 2012

Marlborough Dance centre production The Marlborough Dance Centre performed "Oliver" at their end of year production

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2013 Highland Dance Company of New Zealand Audition requirements - 10th Dec 2012

The Highland Dance Company of New Zealand Audition requirements and application form is now available from the Downloads Page

Application and DVD closing date is 05 January 2013.

Christchurch Christmas Parade - 6th Dec 2012

Christchurch Christmas Parade On Sunday 2nd December a group of Highland Dancers participated in the Christchurch Santa Parade.
The Giant and the Toffee Apple float that they have used in previous years was “munted” in the Earthquake, however, the young dancers made the most of dancing on the Back Deck of a Mainfrieght Truck. They danced from the beginning to the end of the parade accompanied by young up and coming piper Johnathan Findlay. Many Jigs, Flings and Hornpipes were performed but the star of the parade was young Hannah Smith who waved and blew kisses from her wheelchair following the truck.

Summer Fling 2013 - 23rd Oct 2012

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2012 Conference Report - 17th Oct 2012

See the Conference page for the Nelson conference report
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Shanghai - Day 11 - 19th Sep 2012

Shanghai - Day 11 Welcome home to the Highland Dance Company of NZ - hope you had a great time in China

See the Gallery for more photos of their arrival at Auckland - posing for photos with Val Adams

2013 Hawkes Bay Summer School - 19th Sep 2012

The schedule for the Summer School is now available from the Downloads page

Shanghai - Day 10 - 18th Sep 2012

Ni Hao Everyone,

Its day 10 over here for us. It started with a bit of a sleep in as our first performance didnt start until 11.30am. We all arrived at the pearl tower, the tallest building in Shanghai standing at 468 metres ready to wow the crowd. After performing a 20minute sequence of 4 different dances we have to say it has been the best show yet. We quickly got changed and headed up the pearl tower to floor 268 to the sight-seeing floor where we had a full 360 degree view of Shanghai it was incredible. Followed by a few ice creams and bags of lollies and dont forget more souveniers we headed to the bus on a trip to the Shanghai markets. As we arrived our tour guide Shelly showed us up to the famous tea show where we experienced some different flavours of tea, some definately better than others. We then had 50minutes to scramble around the market for last minute shopping before we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the big night ahead. 6.30pm we all gathered in the lobby dressed to the 9's ready to take Chantelle out to her most memorable formal ever. As Harriet escorted her onto the bus we made our way to our last chinese restaurant. After another fun filled rice dinner we made our way to the river boat cruise where we stepped onto our own titanic. The views of Shanghai at night that surrounded us were spectacular! The end of the night seemed like it was arriving, until we got back to the hotel where we occupied the hotel bar for presentations of the Chinese Laundry awards and we all shared our Peak, Pit and Laugh of the trip. Today has been a perfect way to end the trip and as the night goes on the girls are still downstairs dancing as we sit here and write this blog, goodnight and see you all soon!

"Pound it yea?"

Lewis and Nicole

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