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Virginia Tattoo day 5 - 20th Apr 2018

Virginia Tattoo day 5 Today we said haere ra to New York and headed off first thing on the bus down to Washington DC. Some of the younger girls got a wee fright with how quickly their bags had become so heavy! Shout out to Phil and Jonny for being champs and tossing them on and off for us!
After a busy few days the team dropped like flies and many naps were had. After a a quick refuel instead of resting as instructed the team were lead astray by the seniors in a very noisy game of Heads Up. The Leadership Team also took the time to rally up team points from our NY stint (points are given/deducted for things that are said or done on the trip)
Team Angus -21.3
Team Chantelle -28.5
Team Harriet -30.3
Team Lewis -37
Team Leighton +10.5
Robyn and Julie + parents -56
On arrival to Washington we picked up Terry our awesome tour guide who showed us to the numerous historical sites that Washington has to offer. First up was Arlington Cemetery where we saw a change of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as well as the Kennedy family's final resting place. From here we then went through the historical main strip -the National Mall. A highlight of the afternoon was performing a fling in front of the White House -where we later learnt President Trump was inside at the time.
After many selfies and group pics we called it a day and had a pizza night in our hotel dining room -it's safe to say some of us are feeling the need to get dancing again after all of the American food!
An early night for us dancers as we prepare for another day of sightseeing and travelling down to Virginia Beach
Chantelle and Aine 

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