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Lorient Final blog - 20th Aug 2016

Lorient Final blog Well , we come to our last day in Paris and the end of what has been a truly amazing trip that is full of unique experiences that we hope will give our dancers many fond memories to look back on.
To fit everything in that the team left in Paris wanted to squeeze into the last day, we divided into two groups and so this blog will be in several parts.
The young and the young at heart amongst us decided they would like a quick jaunt out to EuroDisney for the day so thanks to Susan and Johnny Moore who lead the group out there.The Disney adventurers will add some photos and report on their exciting last day.
The more sedate members of the crew, Robyn and Colin, Julie and Richard, Sam, Aine and Megan decided to stay in the city and soak up a few more hours of Parisienne joie de vivre...a few last minute purchases from the beautiful Paris shops followed by lunch in the Latin quarter at one of the city's oldest cafes.
Aine and Megan left earlier in the afternoon to head off on their next travel adventures - bon voyage girls , happy and safe traveling.
Julie and I decided to end our time in Paris with a celebration glass of champagne at the Ritz ! What grandeur in the inimitable French style, we even had to photograph the toilettes 😉
A very big thanks to our dancers who have represented the Dance Company, our Academy and New Zealand in such superb style, both in performance and in behaviour, throughout our time away. We received so much magnificent feedback about you in Lorient and you were disciplined, respectful and fun to work and travel with. We feel very proud to have lead such a successful mission 👏👏👏
..... And then  after farewelling  Robyn and Colin as they headed to the Eurostar bound for London, the 3 Mouseketeers ( who are now wearing matching Mickey Mouse ears)  Lexi, Beth, Mae, Sam, Susan & Johnny Moore and Richard and myself headed to Charles de Gaulle airport by bus.
Liz, Greg, Gracie and Rowan McKay  Simpson joined our flight after their own 4 day jaunt around Paris so it was great to compare all the wonderful sights we had all taken in. Their holiday continues with a few days stop over in HongKong!
Richard is beating us home flying Emirates so now our travelling group has shrunk one final time to 10.....We are now in Hong Kong,  on a 6 hour stopover before heading to Auckland and without  trying to jinx anything we are confident that there won't be any typhoons to hold us up this time!
I too would like to say a massive thank you to our Lorient Team for your commitment and passion you put into all our rehearsals and performances, taking the hectic timetable in your strides. It was an honour for our Dance Company to perform in the Interceltique Lorient Festival alongside Liz McKay, the City of Auckland and Queensland Irish Pipe Bands and also to perform and showcase our own Celtic story with performances of Journey of the Celts onto the world stage, which we are all so proud of.
A very  sincere thank you to Raewyn, Executive, academy members, and all friends and family back home  who supported us all during our tour, we have so appreciated your encouragement and kind words.
Au Revoir,

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