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Belgium Tattoo Blog 2 - 29th Sep 2019

Belgium Tattoo Blog 2 Apologies for the gap of a few days since our last blog. What a whirlwind few days it has been!
Our arrival in the Netherlands was a thrilling affair! As we touched down the plane was hit by a gust of strong wind resulting in the pilot aborting the landing and sweeping straight back up into the air. A few screams then deathly silence as we waited for the pilot to make an announcement telling us what had happened.
We were met at the airport by our Liaison, Fred and transported in our team bus to our accommodation in Rotterdam. We are in an upmarket campground/resort in villas. Unfortunately it has rained every day so far!
Wednesday was a 12 hour rehearsal day getting our two dances together with the other girls in our team, 3 Canadian dancers and 7 Scottish girls. That was a massive day on top of coping with jet lag and time zone adjustment!
On Thursday the 26th, the team went to the arena for intense morning rehearsals to perfect our two items. We then had a full practise run of the show followed by a dress rehearsal. After getting home at 12:30am we were all ready for bed to rest and recover before show day!
On Friday the 27th it was PERFORMANCE DAY! We got a little bit of a sleep in which was nice as the night before ran super late. Once ready, we headed to the arena for our first show which was at 2:00pm. The show was a huge success, everyone danced so well and we were super happy with how our two items went. We then had a short break before starting back for another show at 8:00pm. The second show went really well too which was great! After finishing up at 11:50pm, we were ready to head home for a shower and some sleep before another jam packed day of performing. 
Our thoughts and prayers have been with Neil, Janine and their family and also Jackie and her studio over the last few days. Such devastating news to hear of the loss of little dancer Emily.

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