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Virginia Tattoo Trip Day 2 - 23rd Apr 2012

Last night we caught up with two girls that we’d be dancing with, Jamie from Canada and Elizabeth from Florida aka “Ariel from Disney World”. It was a great start to the day for Jayden and Lewis; they missed their alarm and didn’t wake up till three minutes before the meeting time. First on the agenda was a public rehearsal in a car park beside the main street. The next stop was “Pocahontas Pancakes” a huge waffle/pancake house where we had brunch and celebrated Isabelle’s 15th Birthday. After embarrassing her suitably with our rendition of Happy Birthday, we cruised the souvenir shops in Virginia Beach and foundlive hermit crabs, dead starfish, dried blowfish and baby sharks in jars for sale :(Our favourite clowns/drivers Duffy and Sparkles came and picked us up from town and drove us to the “Home of the Bulldogs”, a local high school’s gym where we would be rehearsing for the next few days. After meeting up with the dancers from Australia and Virginia and our choreographer, Mrs Unger, we rehearsed from 1 till 9 to learn the two new dances that we’ll be performing in the tattoo. Before heading back the hotel, Duffy and Nina shouted us all cupcakes and Duffy embarrassed Isabelle again with his very entertaining birthday song and dance. We then returned to the hotel to get some rest before another big day of rehearsals tomorrow.

Lana Donaldson & Sam Tait

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