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Youth Representitive Report - Sept 2008 - 6th Nov 2009

Youth Representitive Report - Sept 2008 Hi Everyone,

Firstly I want to thank everyone that got involved and voted for Youth Representative. It was great to see that there were more votes lodged this time around. It shows that the youth are becoming more active in our Academy.

I want to thank Shelley for all the hard work she did in the role as Youth Representative. She did an excellent job at representing the youth and encouraging everyone to become more involved.

My goals as your new Youth Representative:

* Listen to your opinions and then act as your voice.
* Encourage junior members to become more actively involved.
* Encourage more effective communication and understanding between the Executive members and the youth members of the Academy.
* Create a more vibrant and stimulating atmosphere for youth members by introducing events and workshops specifically directed to the youth.
* Be an easy to talk to, approachable, sociable person in the Highland Dancing community.

Conference this year is being held in Christchurch from 26 to 28 September 2008. My first job as Youth Representative is to run the Youth Forum at Conference. The Youth Forum will be held at 8:00 am on the Sunday morning. I know it is early, but I hope that all the 30 years and under people will attend.

If anyone has any topic/idea that they would like discussed during the Youth Forum, then please email me. If you are unable to attend Conference you can still email me with your topic/idea and I can present it for discussion on your behalf.

Lastly, all the best to those sitting exams in the next couple of weeks.

Hope to see you all at Conference in Christchurch.

Kim Burnside

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