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Virginia tattoo day 12 - 1st May 2014

Virginia tattoo day 12 Today we visited the happiest place on earth. Disneyland was everything we had hoped for and more. It was also Tess' 23rd birthday!!! She had an amazing day and enjoyed a birthday that she will definitely remember for a lifetime! The girls split off and visited the park of their choice - Disneyland or California Adventure Park. We met Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and all their friends and took hundreds of photos, as you would expect. The day was crazy 33 degrees, ensuring sunburn for many.

During the wait for the Space Mountain ride, we saw Sherilyn and Cushla coming towards us and cut them into line with a group of us which led to the funniest and most enjoyable ride of the day, as we heard Cushla's non-stop giggle and witnessed Sherilyns watering eyes. During Splash Mountain, Ashleigh was brave and took the front seat (after being forced) and got absolutely drenched after the huge 50ft drop, which was super hilarious. However we were all dry after 10 minutes in the heat!

Further on in the day we were surprised by a familiar accent when we had asked a stranger to take a photo of us in front of the princess castle. It was great to hear our own accent making us miss home and realising that American accents are a little strange.

At 7pm we gathered around the main square to watch the parade. Everyone was super excited to see their favourite Disney characters and princesses, feeling like we will never stop loving Disney. We sadly dragged ourselves out of Disneyland at 9pm, having a quick shop on the way before we left and then it was back to the hotel for a relaxing spa and some food before bed. Bring on tomorrow!!

Kate & Ashleigh

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