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Virginia tattoo day 1 - 21st Apr 2014

Virginia tattoo day 1 Many of us traveled far and wide to meet the team at Auckland Airport, aside the 2 dancers that missed their flight from Nelson due to the horrible weather conditions. After 12 long bumpy hours we finally reached our destination, Los Angles. Everyone boundered out of security in excitement to see what LA had to offer. After two hours of waiting the two girls from Nelson walked through the security doors to our relief. Turns out we were stuck inside the confinement of LAX ‘prison’ for 10 long hours, yay. Thank god for wifi. The trip continued to Chicago where Mrs Piesse took a wrong turn had a wee whoopsy with security and was subsequently trapped without a passport to verify her identity, thankfully Mrs Hall came to her rescue, in the end….. As the team cautiously approached the very small plane, emphasis on small, we were all relieved that we would be at our final destination in a couple of hours. As the time flew by, no pun intended, everyone became increasingly excited. Nina and Michael Duffy, two professional clowns, introduced themselves as our adopted parents and drove us to the next destination. Once the team arrived to Virginia, we all meet Eleanor, the head honcho, and preceded to get our costumes fitted. Tired and bedraggled we hurried back to the hotel to get some much-needed sleep.


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